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Facilities Management

With its high standards of service excellence and deep industry knowledge, Esprimo is well poised to provide services in Facilities Management.

We are BizSAFE Level 3 certified. Also, we have been certified FM01 (M4) for Facilities Management by the Building and Construction Authority.

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Capitalizing on its experience and expertise in operations management, three green cleaning offers cleaning services for a wide range of customers, catering to different needs and demands.

We value trust. You can rest assured that the service provided is of high standard. We will do our best to deliver the results you demand and leave you satisfied.

We are green. We provide our service using premium eco cleaning products. There is no longer a need to worry about the side-effects of using heavy chemicals for cleaning your households and offices.

We provide convenience. With hectic schedules, we understand the struggles you face when it comes to cleaning your residences and offices. This is why we offer flexible packages to help maintain your residence and workplace while you tend to your commitments.

Safe Management Operations

During the peak of the coronavirus outbreak in Singapore, there were rising cases of infection among foreign workers. Esprimo was engaged by the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) to take charge of various Safe Management Operations (SMO). Since then, we have been honing our operational capabilities and are well positioned to front these operations.

A part of these operations includes the setup of Swab Isolation Facilities and Medical Outposts. Examples of these venues are JTC Space@Tuas, Tuas South Recreation Centre and Kranji Recreation Centre. Beyond setting up these facilities, Esprimo is also involved in the provision of Managing Agent services.

Swab Isolation Facilities

At the Swab Isolation Facilities, our staff are involved with the maintenance of the cleanliness and operational readiness of the facilities. They assist Ministry staff with daily operations, catering to the foreign workers’ needs and ensuring the safety of the staff and foreign workers housed within the facilities.

Medical Outpost

At the Medical Outposts, our staff work closely with the Ministry of Health (MOH) and the MOM to provide services for our foreign workers. These services include conducting swab tests to detect the Covid-19 virus and providing basic medical consultation for the workers.